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How Writing improves your Mental Well-being


After much research, most of it being at our fingertips, we’ve come across a multitude of benefits of writing that we would like to share with you! Here is the little extra nudge you needed to take it back to old school paper and pen 🖊

There’s two kinds of writing; expressive writing and gratitude writing. Expressive writing is when you write your heart out about the troubles you may have. An average of 20 minutes of uninterrupted scribbling is all it takes to reap all these benefit!

Writing will make you happier, improves your mood and helps you cope with the stresses of home and work. Writing a list of things to be done the next day before bedtime helps to declutter your mind and fall asleep faster. It increases productivity too! Whereas thinking or logging all that you have done or achieved on the same day before bed can put your mind in overdrive, and may it more troublesome to fall asleep, so be weary!

It is known as one of the best ways to deal with stressful situations (like unemployment, for example). The catch is that you have to write about your troubles, without judgement, without having a care about the grammar. Just let it flow through your pen on a piece of paper.

Most of us can feel like computers, too many tabs all open at once. One mind, fifty thoughts. Research shows that writing helps to work through and resolve not only such thoughts, but also untangles all our feelings that can be mushed up together. It helps us work through and understand what we are feeling, not just what we are thinking.

Gratitude writing, is when you write about things you’re grateful for, people, opportunities and possibly anything you could be grateful for, even mishaps and what they’ve taught you.
This kind of writing is directly related to optimism and a sense of fulfilment. It makes you take a moment from your day and let good things come to mind, which you then jot down, and that is how you change your attitude towards the rest of the day! It’s as simple as that!

There are so many other fields of mental well-being in which writing has and is still being researched, with most researches concluding in the positive.

Writing is a form of therapy for people with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Writing about a traumatic experience while anchored in the present helps these people process what they have been through.

Writing before an exam has shown that students perform way better in tests! Studies show that test anxiety is significantly reduced writing expressively just 10 minutes before a test.

If all these pros don’t get you running after a notebook and a pen we don’t know what will! Give it a try and see for yourself, watch how your life transforms for the better!

Sending love and positive vibes your way!


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