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Things you can do to stay Positive




I get this question so much it’s literally crazy. How do you stay so positive all the time? Umm, I’m also human you guys. I feel down several times but I do put an effort into keeping my chin up and not taking things personally. I mean I try my hardest to take something good out of everything that brings me down and to be honest, it takes conscious effort in the start and then it becomes a habit. (BRAIN REWIRED!)

Here are some things I practice to keep myself thinking positive:

  • I make a happy to-do list before the start of each week. I write down one happy thing I will do each day of the week. These are very small and easy things (not always but mostly!) It really makes all the difference in how I see my day. I look forward to my happy thing every day!

  • I give myself very easy tasks and consider them goals. So when I write down my plan for the next day, I add in things like ‘make the bed’ or ‘wash the dishes’ - now these are things that you don’t really need to put in your planner because of course I have to make the bed lol. But when I put it down, consider it a thing, and do it, It gives me a small tiny sense of achievement which serves a bigger purpose. This sense of achievement serves as motivation for the bigger tasks of the day!

  • I don’t pity myself ever. Nooo. If something upsets me, I don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel sad, yes. I give myself time to come out of it. I think about it. I deal with it emotionally. I try to take a lesson out of it, if I can. But I don’t feel sorry for myself. Once I’m done dwelling a little, I don’t look back at it feeling sorry for having to go through it. I look back at it thinking: I went through it and I came out of it! ( PROUD!)

  • No sense of entitlement. I don’t expect anybody to deal with my problems or to help me. I’m not entitled to anyone’s help and no one owes me anything. If anybody ever does anything for me, it’s out of the goodness of their heart and it’s a favour that I will forever appreciate. But if somebody doesn’t help me, isn’t there for me, didn’t get me a present, didn’t reply to me, didn’t call back then that’s completely alright. (SECRET TO HAPPINESS - The day you realize the world owes you nothing, you are happiest!) (Also please understand this is an entirely different concept to - ‘the world is a bad place and people will always disappoint so don’t expect from people…” no.)

  • I care about my health and sleep. I try not to be mindless about my eating habits. I don’t take coffee or tea in the evening because it keeps me up and I want to sleep well at night. And then I reward myself with it every Saturday, when I get to stay up late, and make it a SUPER happy moment for myself. This day is here! I CAN HAVE COFFEE. This way, I get to make a very casual small thing in my life, a very happy moment for me.

  • I TRY (notice capital letters) not to take things personally. Living with in-laws and generally at work places, its easy to mind little things, take things personally etc when nobody holds bad intentions. I try my best to take it lightly and forget about it.

  • And last but also probably the most important: I reflect at the end of each week. This includes: what were the highs of this week? what were the lows of this week? what did I learn? what am I most grateful for? and what I hope to improve? I use my planner (the Positivity Planner) for this.

And that’s about it. I hope this blog post helped you and gave you some perspective. Most of it is plain rewiring your brain to think and act in a certain way. To give it every reason to be happy and grateful, and take away from it every reason not to be. When you practice it enough times, your brain automatically thinks in that direction. Mind over matter you guys. Mind over matter, always! <3

Love and Positive Vibes Only,
Humna Raza


  • Been feeling a little down lately and wanted to have some motivation in work too, this helped me a lot. Thankyou Hamna!

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