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Tips for Academic Success

Do you want to learn new study skills? Or do well in class with minimal effort? You’ve come to the right place! We are going to share some smashing tips with you that help make studying more effective.

Setting your goals properly and rewarding yourself for achieving them.
Most of us plan our schedule ambitiously, but fail to achieve large or even average goals. When we have big goals, we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. The key is to make short term, small and achievable goals. It’s like breaking your task up into smaller tasks (writing and essay can be broken down into smaller goals like writing an outline, reading a few articles on it). And take breaks including, stretching, snacking, and drinking water. Always reward yourself for achieving those small goals. Meaningful rewards like 15 minutes of chatting with a friend or 15 minutes online guilt-free, or treating yourself with a cookie are all great ideas.
The small things- Attitude.
The way you are in your classroom can make all the difference! The smallest things like sitting upright, choosing a seat in the front row, and making sure you participate in class even if you’re having an off day will give you that extra boost in self confidence that you can and are doing well in class! Many professors don’t teach by the book, they even give important exam points and tips in class, so you’ll never miss out again if you’re paying attention. Another thing it will do is get your professors attention to the fact that you are putting in effort to be active in class.
Read the topic a day before class.
Another sure shot way of getting better and doing well in class (and having more input in class discussions) is reading the material before hand. We know it sounds a bit too much, but trust us! It really works! A lot of professors work really hard to organise lectures in a way that they build on each other, the practice builds up the concept. But just skimming through what is to be taught in a class just one day before will help you get a better understanding of what’s coming next and you learn more and retain more that way! Because it’s something you’re going through a second time (First- skimming through. Second- in class)
Take great notes!
We don’t know about you but no matter how good we understand the class lecture, we always forget about it later. Writing good notes gives you material to review later, with which you already have classroom memory associated with! You always remember your own handwritten notes more than text in your books.
Time management and organisation!
This ones probably the toughest. So many of us have trouble with managing our time, but once you master it, there’s nothing that can keep you from being very very efficient! Try to categorise you work or assignments according to importance and deadlines. The most important and assignments with the closest deadlines should be done first. Keep a planner to note down important tasks and events. Heck, put on alarms if you tend to forget about looking at your planner! Do whatever you need.
There are many ways to remember information, most effective being visual memory. Try to draw concepts, make diagrams and flow charts. Another way is to get a study partner or a study group. Information discussed or shared always tends to stick to your mind way more than just reading it from the book. Try to make as many connections (visual, verbal) to the information you’re trying to learn as possible!
Don’t forget to manage your stress
Always remember to be sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising. Studies show that routinely exercise and proper 7-8 hours of sleep help so much with remembering what you learn. Exercise reduces stress significantly. Learn to prioritise, and say no sometimes so you don’t have to overextend yourself or worry about the things lower in your priority list.
That's it for today! We hope these tips help you make all the difference in your academic life, we wish you lots of success and love and positive vibes!


  • Set realistic day-to-day goals and reward yourself for accomplishing them. I think we should get involved with opportunities to learn outside the classroom. you can participate in Mathlete campaigns for strengthening your individual cognitive and intellectual aptitude.

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