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Top 10 Effective Study Tips

Struggling with studying? No issues. We’re here to make studying easier for you. Of course one of the ways to make studying more productive and less burdening is to use our very own “My Study Planner” (DUH :D) but we’re here to offer you some other very effective advice as well. Here are some tips to help you study better and happier!


  1. Mix up where you study. If you’re going to stay inside a single room, its bound to start depressing you. Go to the library, or on a park bench, switch the room, or just out on your terrace may be. Recalling information is also easier when you can associate it with different environments.

  2. Get to know your preferred learning style and study in the way you learn best. This could be auditory, visual or tactile. Not everybody learns in the same way. If reading a concept is too complicated, just watch a YouTube video about it. There’s a huge chance you’ll understand better and might even develop more interest.

  3. Personal favourite. Always did this with my dad. You can ask a friend or family member to take a quick quiz on concepts. This way you can learn what you know and what you need to work on. It majorly helps.

  4. Take therapeutic study breaks. Not taking a break can decrease your performance. Get away from your study space, change your environment and come back with a clearer mind. Come up with study breaks that are helpful for your mind like listening to motivating or soothing music, watching a comedy show, taking a walk, colouring, or making an easy meal. Try not to read, watch something too serious, or talk to a friend who needs some sort of serious relationship advice. Lol. Give your mind a break.

  5. Stay hydrated. We tend to underestimate the power of a glass of water. Water improves brain function, focus and speed. Have enough while studying to keep yourself going.

  6. Organize notes in the same way. Give a pattern that your mind can follow when trying to recall information. Use headers, bullet points, asterisk etc. You can also use a system of colours, flags, stickers, highlighters, indents, tabs and different pointers to create a pattern.

  7. Go in with all the good vibes! If you go in with a mind that it is going to go well, then it is more likely that it will go well. IT WORKS.

  8. Declutter your study space. Remove unnecessary things and keep the things you need. It's a good therapy to feel like you decluttered your mind.

  9. Pre-plan rewards for your study achievements. Reward yourself for hard work! For example, plan that once you’re done with Section one of your history book, you’ll have a meal of KFC or whatever you like. (We like KFC so..)

  10. Create a realistic schedule. Overeager plans will have you disappointed too soon and demotivated. Keep it simple. The more you are able to achieve in your plan, the more motivated you will feel to do more. Don’t set a plan for yourself that is impossible to achieve. You’re setting yourself up a trap for depression.
That’s all folks. We hope these tips help you do better this academic year. You can always come back here when you feel like you could use some guidance. We are here for you!
Love and Positive Vibes!


  • Humna api i have ordered the study planner by name sana can you make a vedio as pack with me for marwa
    I shall be very great full to you for this kind act♥️♥️

    Maroo khan
  • Humn aapi i have ordered the study planner by name sana can you make a vedio as pack with me for marwa
    I shall be very great full to you for this kind act♥️♥️

    Maroo khan

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