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Why Self Reflection is important




Do you ever have those days when you JUST DON’T know where the time went? Our fast paced lives and busy schedules have made it so difficult to relax and just take a breather. When I have one of those days, I usually find myself mentally exhausted, anxious and it really takes a toll on me as well as the people around me. However, I’ve found that just taking a few minutes to self –reflect everyday really helps.

What is self-reflection? It just means that you take out time to think about your life, your actions and just re-divert your mind from the million things it has been obsessing over the entire day to the most important thing: YOU. We become so worried about keeping up with life; we forget to check in with what’s going on with us. Here are just a few reasons why you should try and practice self-reflection, for a happier, more positive version of you!

Make Sense of How You Feel

It is so important to understand your feelings and emotions, especially when you’ve had a bad day, a fight or been part of any upsetting situation. All those negative emotions just running haywire in your mind will drive you crazy! That’s why it helps if you just sit down with your thoughts and start trying to untangle how you feel. Maybe you can write it all down if that helps! Just taking the time to unravel all of it can really help you handle it so much better.

Build A Better You

Maybe it’s something as small as wanting to make it a habit to say thank you more often when someone else does something nice for you, or wanting to learn to not to react in anger to a toxic situation; but if at the end of the day you think over you actions, what you did wrong and what you can do better, you’ll find that over time it becomes so much easier to get to the goal you want to reach. Even better, you can look back and see how you’ve done compared to the past, and give yourself a pat on the back for achieving personal growth!

Learn To Ease Your Anxiety

There are times when I find myself stressing over a certain situation the ENTIRE DAY. SO many things can get you worried and put you in a bad mood, and I’ve found that if I just sit down and analyze how I’m feeling, a lot of the times I end up realizing it’s just NOT that big a deal. It’s important to re-align your mental state from time to time; tell yourself what does need your attention, and also learning to just accept what isn’t in your control and consciously letting it go.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!

Quite often I’ll be lying in bed thinking about how my seemingly average day went, and I’ll start to realize how many small but happy experiences I had during the day. Maybe it was having a great cup of tea at work, or catching up with an old friend, just acknowledging it suddenly makes my average day seem like a great day. I go to sleep with a smile on my face, ready to tackle the next day with a positive attitude! Self-reflection is the easiest way to learn to be grateful for the little things, and when you learn to focus on the good in life, everything else just doesn’t seem all that bad.

I’ve learnt to help myself in so many aspects of my life using self-reflection exercises, and we can all use a little help to reach where we want to be when it comes to our mental and emotional well-being.



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  • self reflection,its very hot topic to discuss because we are anxious to see the reflection of ourself,we sll should hv to develop a strong mechanism against anxiety and other mental issues. this self reflection may be create the roots….


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