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Our Story

Two years ago, out of my passion to help people be more mentally and emotionally resolved, I came up with Inspire Me. The vision was to create products that will enable people to effectively achieve their dreams and goals without giving up on their mental wellness. After a sufficient amount of research, I understood what I needed to create so my husband and I, without any business background whatsoever took the leap of faith and finally decided to make it happen. We wanted to create the entire product in Pakistan from resources taken from within the country but this was a huge challenge. The availability of resources in Pakistan was unfortunately very limited so we had to create the manufacturing process for our first product from scratch because the process didn’t exist at all. After months of hard work, we finally made the best of what we could entirely from here, because that was the point – A quality product made in Pakistan. Our first batch of products called “The Positivity Planner” came out in May 2018 and we sold a total of 1500 copies all across Pakistan in less than a year. We believe in bringing more and more to the table and improve every step of the way which is why we truly value your feedback. So here’s hoping we help you start with yourself to make big things happen!
With love and Positive Vibes Only,
Humna Raza